DARREL BOWEN Media Design Services provides the service of either creating/enhancing STORY ideas, SCRIPTS, and STORYBOARDS for you or with you. With our award winning script writers and storyboard artists we can even help you pitch the idea to a major network, cable network, or entertainment internet studio!!! WE HAVE THE CONNECTIONS TO DO THIS FOR YOU !!! We cannot guarantee your show will be sold. However, we will work hard to come close as possible in creating a professional presentation pitch for your intellectual properties.

DARREL BOWEN M.D.S. provides custom BANNER and animated GIF designs for web site advertising. Banner designs can include illustration, GIF animation, and other types of design elements. We will also provide custom LOGO design for print, television, video, and the web, including hand and electronic illustration, photo and image retouching, and other graphic design services for all types of businesses. If you see images on this site that you like but would like the graphic images modified to fit your corporate identity, or if you like a particular style and want your stock images illustrated, please contact us and we can make a logo for you. We will provide you with CHARACTER, PROP, and BACKGROUND design in any style (realistic, cartoon, abstract).

DARREL BOWEN M.D.S. has close proven working relations with our outsource contacts to carry out your project thru completion on an affordable budget. Our outsource co producers are some of the best in their fields to produce quality presentations in the media of your choice. Please check out our reel here!!!

DARREL BOWEN M.D.S. will also create customized education material content for your specific products and services so that your company can provide easy to understand and attractive leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, or guidebooks explaining important topics efficiently. The result is that your organization could communicate with its intended audience (employees, customers, clients). This means that effective and easy to understand communication is very important in order to insure your point is being delivered. An example would be a company's "Safety and Health" information explained in comic book form for it's employees to easily read and understand the importance of this particular topic. We can also provide you with children's book and greeting card illustrations in the same manner or for fun and entertainment value.

We can provide an estimate rate within 48 hours with enough details from you. If you provide us with your contact information, we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please check out our COMPANY INFO  on WHAT we do and WHO we do it for!


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